Shack Pack (for Singles)


A Shack Pack includes a Private Lesson, 3 Group Classes, permanent Shacker Status, and a Membership Badge.



The Shack Pack for Singles includes:

• “Shacker Status” – Once you’re a Shacker you get permanent discounts off your future purchases.  Group classes, private lessons, etc.  This status lasts forever and never has to be renewed.  You also get a badge that you can wear, or if you’re getting the Shack Pack for a friend, it makes a great gift!

• A Private Lesson – This lesson is in addition to the free introductory lesson you get for free.  If you’re giving this to a friend that has not taken their free introductory lesson, let ’em know they’ve got TWO private lessons coming their way!

• Three Group Classes – Our group classes are amazingly fun, and the Shack Pack gives you a pass to three of any of our regular classes.  We’ve got a lot of them waiting for you to try!

• A Friday Night Dance Class and Party – Every Friday we turn on the party lights and get down,  dancing in a relaxed atmosphere where you’ll meet our other members, and practice your moves.  There’s a class that precedes the party, so we threw that in too!

• Membership Badge – Let your new friends know who you are with this handy Membership Badge.

Once you’ve purchased your Shack Pack, it will be in our computers, and we’ll look you up when you come in.  If you’re getting it as a gift, let us know and we’ll mail you your  badge, or you can pick it up in person, we’d love to meet you!

The Shack Pack is a great deal, and will make you, or a friend, very happy!