Simple, but beautiful to watch and exciting to dance, The New York Hustle goes to music with a strong strong beat, like a heartbeat. Hustle has two varieties, 4-count for fast music and 3-count for slower music. Anything you can dance Swing, or even Cha Cha to, you can dance Hustle to! All ages enjoy this versatile, fun dance! If you’re thinking of doing Swing or Latin dancing, we humbly suggest you start with the Hustle! It will help you understand and execute the concepts needed for good dancing more easily than the other dances, not to mention it’s FUN! So turn on the club lights and get down TONIGHT!


Hustle is an American dance that is believed to have originated in 1970 in New York. Spurred on by popular dance contests in the various clubs that pushed dancers to be innovative and come up with new moves and ideas. Hustle was developed to be danced to disco music; it is ideally suited to any music with a strong driving beat, and in some ways its popularity as a dance has outlasted the music that originally inspired it, since it is well suited to the rock and techno music played at clubs today.