How to Get Started Dancing

Hi, newbies!  It’s me, Eddie, here to get you started with a solid understanding of how The Dance Shack works!  First, the short version!

  1. Take a free Newbie Class. This will give you a sample of the different dances we teach.  We have them every Friday at 7pm.  Just walk in and you’ll be dancin’!
  2. Take a free Private Lesson. Here you can focus on the dance or dances you liked best.  Call  us to schedule!
  3. Become a Member. A membership gives you permanent discounts on all the classes we offer – and comes with some free goodies to get you started.  Once you’re a member you never have to renew.  You’re a member for life!

That’s it! You’re on your way!  Now let’s fill in some details!


1. The Free Newbie Class

The Free Newbie Class is a Group Class, that means there’s an instructor supervising the class with men on one side and women on the other.  The instructor will teach them their parts separately, and then put them together to dance!  It’s great fun, and will give you a chance to see what a Group Class is like!  Now some people may work on Friday and won’t be able to attend.  No worries!  Just go straight to step two!


2. Free Private Lesson

The Free Private Lesson is a one-on-one lesson (or two-on-one if you’re a couple) with a Dance Shack Instructor.  They’ll get you started the right way!  If you took the Group Class, then we’ll expand on your favorite dances.  And if you skipped it, we can go over the material you missed.  After you’ve taken the Private Lesson, you’ll have a much more complete picture of what learning to dance is like.  And if you like it then…


3. Become a member!

A membership is just 99 bucks ($149 for couples).  The purpose of the Membership is that it will give you access to member-only pricing.  There’s no ongoing costs or fees.  Once you’re a member, you’re a member for life!

As if that wasn’t enough already – I mentioned it comes with some free goodies – and here they are:


  • A Free Private Lesson – this isn’t the free lesson you get to try out – this is another free lesson!  Hard to believe, but it’s true, it’s true!
  • 2 Group Classes, FOC!  That’s Free Of Charge, my friends!  The Group Classes are a great way to learn patterns (where your feet go) and you get two of ’em!  Plus..
  • A Friday Night Group Class and Dance Party! – Every Friday at 8pm we have a dance class, followed by a Practice Party – that’s a dance where you get to practice your moves to music, and with other people!  It’s wonderful, it’s exciting, and free for you, because you get both a Friday Night Class AND Party with your membership!  Our generosity knows no bounds!
  • Member badges!  With your name on it!  People warm up to you fast when you make it easy for them to remember who you are!

Alright – now that you’ve got an idea of what’s what, let’s wrap this up!


What’s Next?

Here are some quick directions:

Our address is 3837 Southside Blvd. Suite #1, Jacksonville, Florida, 32216.  You know where the Tinseltown Movie theater is?  If you left there and took a right on Southside Boulevard you’d be going north on Southside Boulevard.  You’d pass Touchton Road, then Hogan Road, and then you’ll see us on the right hand side of the street (same side Tinseltown was on).  We’re on Southside Boulevard between Hogan Road and the exit for Beach Boulevard.

The name of the plaza we’re in is the “Southside Business Center”.  In the same plaza as Hungry Howie’s Pizza and Deerwood Florist.


Come in Friday at 7pm for your Free Newbie Class.  Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that won’t slide off your feet.  No flip flops!  Sneakers are fine.  If you have any questions call us at (904) 329-2946.  We look forward to meeting you!


See you at The Dance Shack!