How to Get Started Dancing

Hi, newbies!  It’s me, Eddie, here to get you started with a solid understanding of how The Dance Shack works!  First, the short version!

  1. Take a free Newbie Class. This will give you a sample of the different dances we teach.
  2. Take a free Private Lesson. Here you can focus on the dance or dances you liked best.
  3. Become a Member. Once you’re a member you never have to renew. You’re a member for life!

That’s it! You’re on your way!  Now let’s fill in some details!

How we teach

We will get you dancing very quickly through a combination of 3 things:

  • Private Lessons – These are one-on-one lessons that teach you pattens, lead & follow, timing, style, and is the fastest way to learn to dance.
  • Group Classes – an economical way to learn your steps.
  • Having Fun – Some people call this practice, but having fun is what you’ll be doing at our Parties and Nights Out!

Additionally we have classes and workshops that supplement your learning.

Club Structure

We have a specific method of teaching, that will take your dancing from where you are now, to where you want want to be!

We don’t have any contracts at The Dance Shack!  When you want to take a Private lesson, you take a lesson!  When you want to take a Course, you take a Course!  We have to earn each and every lessons that you do!  After all, we want you to tell your friends about us!

Your learning is kept track of, so we know exactly where you’re at with your dancing!


A membership is only $99, ($149 for couples,) and includes the following:

  • Lifetime Membership – never have to renew!
  • Permanent discounts – Private Lessons are $55 for forty minutes (includes up to two people,) instead of the non-member rate of $69.  Courses are just $15 ($20 for couples) for a 75 minute long course!  There are many additional discounts you get as a member, but these are the two most popular ones!
  • Includes a two-hour dance course. Those Courses we just talked about?  You get 2 free included with your membership!
  • Private Lesson – You also get a free Private Lesson included with the membership.  We don’t mean the one you get for free when you try us out for the first time – this is yet ANOTHER Private Lesson!

Remember we don’t have any contracts, so you can come in when you want.  You have total freedom!  Between our Private Lessons, Courses, and our classes and workshops, you can be as good as you want to be!  You can read more about our Courses and Private Lessons under our Dance Classes section.  But the first step is Getting Started!

What’s Next?

Come in for a Free Newbie Sampler Class on Friday at 7pm.  Then take your free Private Lesson.  (If your schedule doesn’t permit time for the Free Newbie Sampler, you can just skip straight to your first free Private Lesson.)  We’ll see you at The Dance Shack!