Become a Shacker!

To join our group, get a Shack Pack!  It’s only $99 per person (couples just $149) and it gives you–

  • LIFETIME membership to The Dance Shack – we call it Shacker status!  Once you’re a Shacker, you never have to renew!  You’ll get permanent discounts from any group classes, parties, or private lessons that you get from us in the future.  The Shack Pack also includes the following items, which are worth more than the price of the pack itself!
  • We get you started with a forty minute long Private Lesson!  This is in addition to the free introductory lesson you get to try!
  • You also get 3 of our incredible Group Classes!
  • You get a discount price on all future purchases – Classes, Parties, Private Lessons, everything!
  • And you get a membership badge (or badges for couples) which will identify you as a part of the best dance studio anywhere!

Purchase your Shack Pack below to get started!  After your purchase, we’ll have you in our computers and will look you up when you come to your first Group Class.  If you want to start with a Private Lesson (recommended) call to schedule, we have openings 7 days a week.
And remember, if you have any questions, call us at (904) 329-2946.  We’re easy to talk to!

Shack Pack (for Singles)


Shack Pack (for Couples)