February Sock Hop

Do you know what it’s like to dance to a live band?  It’s incredible!  The pulse of the drum, the sound of the horn, so close you hear every subtlety in every skillfully played note!  The energy between the band and the dancers just makes your feet wanna move!


That’s what you’re going to be doing on February 2nd at our 1st Saturday of the Month Sock Hop!  We’re proud to have the Junco Royals playing with us live and in person!  As far as swing bands go, they’re the best! I should know, ’cause I’ve danced to their music before.  Buddy, you’re going to be Lindy Hopping your socks off to their awesome music!


Throw in dance lessons by your incredible Lindy Leader Naga, who’s put this shindig together, and you have more than just a dance, you’ve got a real EVENT!  And since Naga’s running it, it’s gonna be special!  This event is prom-themed, in other words, dress formal!


The band has worked with us to keep the ticket price low, just $20 for just the dance itself, or add and extra $5 to take Naga’s awesome Lindy class, too!  There’s a limited number of tickets we can sell, do yourself a big favor and get yours now!